like an oleander, bright white leaves

17 / nonbinary / girls? i heard of 'em / pacific coaster. my name is vincent and this is my art & project blog. thank you for dropping by, especially if you help to support my works by reblogging! i would like to ask that you don't repost my works to other websites without my permission or a link back to here.



★ naduul tag

  • worldbuilding & art for the Naduul project, a large-scale worldbuilding project with multiple species and subspecies of sapient, anthropomorphic dragons. i dont have enough content done to tag each individual species but if i end up making enough, i'll be sure to update this page with appropriate tags.

    ★ aerohelico tag

  • worldbuilding & art for Aerohelico, a smaller-scale worldbuilding project concerning an island full of racist monarchical birds ruled by a major cult.