like an oleander, bright white leaves

17 / nonbinary / girls? i heard of 'em / pacific coaster. my name is vincent and this is my art & project blog. thank you for dropping by, especially if you help to support my works by reblogging! i would like to ask that you don't repost my works to other websites without my permission or a link back to here.


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just realized i didnt update my age on this blog for my birthday either!!! god dang!!!! anyways im 17

my favorite part about going wild with the lore for epyllion is that ive made a god that nobody likes, and it's great, because you're REALLY not supposed to

An Anonymous user asked:

I don't personally follow any minors but I see your art on my dash sometimes and you do a really great job! Love your hornbill art

oh thank you !! yeah im still really proud of all of the hornbills; i think i might draw some more sometime because they really are a joy to draw

while im here i just wanna say i REALLY like that my posts continue to get notes even a few days after they get posted, the shelf life of my works wasnt quite this long when i posted things to tumblr