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ive come up with some gods for the dominant culture of the funny little hornbill species, i think ill draw them and then do a biglong write-up here at some point because i think they're great.

fun facts abt this culture & the species:

  • they have no gender norms because they have no sexual dimorphism. theres another species who shows up sometimes who DO have gender norms and they have a really hard time getting adjusted to the funny hornbill people bc they dont have gendered pronouns or any gendered words in any of their languages (except pidgins)
  • the entire foundation of their society is based on making friendship bracelets and making art with eachother and for eachother. you make friendship bracelets every week so you can give them to people you meet who you like enough to keep talking to on a casual basis
  • if youre friends with someone its conventional to go to meetups where you make little trinkets and then trade them all once everyones done. then if youre REALLY close friends with someone usually you end up making trinkets collaboratively Together and then you have to discuss who to give it to and theres some really specific etiquette about courtship gifts
  • generally the dominant culture puts HEAVY emphasis on bonds and friendship and love and casual friend relationships get really touchy a lot of the time. this isnt particularly unusual for sapient gryphon species but most of them dont do it to the extent that these guys do. romantic & sexual relationships and particularly close platonic relationships are hard to tell apart unless you pay close attention so its not an uncommon or particularly rude thing to ask about
  • because of this emphasis on bonds & mutual gift-giving the two creation gods (who are also gods of spinning and weaving) in the dominant culture are making the world together as a gift for each other and it is literally made out of love that is spun and then woven into everything that exists. there are disputes over whether the gods are in a romantic & sexual relationship or a close platonic one but the love is the same either way