like an oleander, bright white leaves

17 / nonbinary / pacific coaster. my name is vincent and this is my art & project blog; please do not reupload my works to other websites regardless of your intent. thank you for dropping by, especially if you help to support my works by reblogging!

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Posts tagged feral:

little creacher... did this earlier for the fuck of it cause i got bored and wanted to see if i could paint for shit

hehehoohohohooooo my Babes, Mordant and Turmeric....

after drawing this little man to counteract crippling bastard syndrome everywhere else i realized that i have different ocs literally every time i prep for art fight

vincebird 2019

just some creacher bros. i'm considering giving them some proper character depth and consideration sometime soon and fleshing them out a bit more, just not right this instant lol. i do have a basic idea of what they're like in my head wrt Bad Fucking Coping Mechanisms, but not much else sadly...