like an oleander, bright white leaves

17 / nonbinary / girls? i heard of 'em / pacific coaster. my name is vincent and this is my art & project blog. thank you for dropping by, especially if you help to support my works by reblogging! i would like to ask that you don't repost my works to other websites without my permission or a link back to here.


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An Anonymous user asked:

Is this a SFW blog?

Yes! I do not post NSFW content online, to this or any other social media, as I am a minor. I'm pretty sure that would also be a terms of service violation as far as this site is concerned.

magenta asked:

WOW...... ur gonna go SO far w art that is a Promise and a Given?? you're so talented!! i've only just learnt abt u but i'm so proud!!!! weEPS

ah !! thank you so much!!! from what i've seen of your works you're really good too! uvu

i recently moved here from tumblr (my url there was the same as here) and already im a lot happier!! i didn't post a whole lot of my works though because theyre not as recent as i'd have liked .. cuz really i only finish a drawing like once or twice a month haha :>