like an oleander, bright white leaves

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SUPER mad about magic by the way because im thinking about naduul magic again but the system i had kinda Super Sucks like magic strings? is not the kind of vibe i want? what was i THINKING

i DO really want magic to be part of the world and involved in the cultures and shit but i cant really do that without a system that WORKS ... and im not super sure how to do that now ... :/ but if i do figure out something and spitball out here ill probably do some writing about magic?

the thing is i REALLY dont want to just go "no magic" because fundamentally this project first came around because i wanted to write about civilizations who used magic sensibly to their advantage (instead of having ice wizards in an ice place you have fire wizards in the ice place so they dont freeze to death) in like a way that made sense.. but i just dont know what to do...

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