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just realized i didnt update my age on this blog for my birthday either!!! god dang!!!! anyways im 17

holy fuck its like an entirely different piece without the shading layer wtfff

can you believe it. this dragon doesnt wear clothes

new NPCs for the next session tomorrow. everybody calls Allium "Onion Rings" but they don't like that. phasianae is just a little birdie . and that last guy is using a fake identity. dont worry about it

my favorite part about going wild with the lore for epyllion is that ive made a god that nobody likes, and it's great, because you're REALLY not supposed to

An Anonymous user asked:

I don't personally follow any minors but I see your art on my dash sometimes and you do a really great job! Love your hornbill art

oh thank you !! yeah im still really proud of all of the hornbills; i think i might draw some more sometime because they really are a joy to draw

sambuca & adoxa, local bog witch dragons

while im here, here's the map i just finished the other day to put player tokens on in roll20, because honestly, the canon map? is not good

more dragon NPCs for epyllion; these ones are literal gods basically. im taking so many liberties with canon but u know how it is. theres 3 more but ill finish those when i get to them

another epyllion NPC. let me tell you, this game is a VERY good excuse to draw as many dragons as i goddamn want

aand here's my epyllion PC to match

doing an epyllion campaign with some friends & here are some backstory-relevant characters

dimetro was always one of my favorite vivosaurs from Fossil Fighters: Champions tbh .... LOVE my boy

disclaimer: this is not intended to be an accurate or faithful depiction of Dimetrodon it's just Fossil Fighters fanart

while im here i just wanna say i REALLY like that my posts continue to get notes even a few days after they get posted, the shelf life of my works wasnt quite this long when i posted things to tumblr

An Anonymous user asked:

Is this a SFW blog?

Yes! I do not post NSFW content online, to this or any other social media, as I am a minor. I'm pretty sure that would also be a terms of service violation as far as this site is concerned.

woah baby we got,,, another furry!!! this is Belial Danforth & they're like the best friend/whatever of that other furry i posted the other day, and both of them do whatever the fuck they want for fun

listen, i think falling is cool, but falling upside down? THATS the shit

whoops! all furries!

this is lucaluc and they're somewhere between a fursona and their own identity and god i fucking wish i looked like this

on an unrelated note, i am also considering putting real magic back into the world? of course, it is going to be somewhat different to how it was last time, and i'm still not sure how i want it to work, but i DID have an idea

i think magic would be an ability contingent on one or two factors, primarily faith in something. what this something is is unimportant to the development in magic, it's just necessary to have faith in something. i am still uncertain of whether it will be permanent once developed or something that can be lost with the loss of faith but the core idea remains the same

  • magical ability appears in an individual if they have an extremely strong and well-tested faith in something or someone. this could be faith in a religion, a rule, a person, etc. because of this, most cultures end up with a fair amount of magic users, but they are rarely if ever cynical and untrusting people. ironically im considering the possibility of a faith in cynicism being a trigger for developing magic as a hypothetical.

  • magical ability would grant an individual the ability to warp the world around them in some way. i'd like to build a consistent system that necessitates training and is broad enough to provide an option between specializing or being a jack-of-all-trades sort of deal.

  • i would also like fire and necromancy/manipulation of life to be a Thing that are possible, for different reasons:

    • fire is extremely important and necessary to those funnyguys who live in the extremely cold and unforgiving northern region. this combined with the faith thing would be very interesting factors in the culture

    • manipulation of life because the character that this entire shit started with was a necromancer and his best bitch up and fucking died on him and he had nobody else so in this new incarnation of the setting id either want him to be running around with a very dead necromancied version of this friend who's just totally wrong OR he would make himself immortal. neither of these are very productive for him or very healthy but i would like to run with one of the two and see where it goes

      • if continued faith is a necessity it would be his continued faith in the possibility that he could successfully rehabilitate his best bitch (which is erroneous, that's not something that's possible at all, but to lose this faith would mean he loses his best bitch AGAIN so it's either have faith in falsehood or lose what left he's clinging onto) and in the other scenario the immortality thing is a lasting manipulation (like if you bulldog clip something into place and the lever things fall off, the bulldog clip doesnt just go away, the thing youve clipped remains clipped) and he already lost his ability to do magic a long time ago

of course this is all moot if i dont settle on a system of magic that i like, but i do want magic to happen so..... ????????????

ive come up with some gods for the dominant culture of the funny little hornbill species, i think ill draw them and then do a biglong write-up here at some point because i think they're great.

fun facts abt this culture & the species:

  • they have no gender norms because they have no sexual dimorphism. theres another species who shows up sometimes who DO have gender norms and they have a really hard time getting adjusted to the funny hornbill people bc they dont have gendered pronouns or any gendered words in any of their languages (except pidgins)

  • the entire foundation of their society is based on making friendship bracelets and making art with eachother and for eachother. you make friendship bracelets every week so you can give them to people you meet who you like enough to keep talking to on a casual basis

  • if youre friends with someone its conventional to go to meetups where you make little trinkets and then trade them all once everyones done. then if youre REALLY close friends with someone usually you end up making trinkets collaboratively Together and then you have to discuss who to give it to and theres some really specific etiquette about courtship gifts

  • generally the dominant culture puts HEAVY emphasis on bonds and friendship and love and casual friend relationships get really touchy a lot of the time. this isnt particularly unusual for sapient gryphon species but most of them dont do it to the extent that these guys do. romantic & sexual relationships and particularly close platonic relationships are hard to tell apart unless you pay close attention so its not an uncommon or particularly rude thing to ask about

  • because of this emphasis on bonds & mutual gift-giving the two creation gods (who are also gods of spinning and weaving) in the dominant culture are making the world together as a gift for each other and it is literally made out of love that is spun and then woven into everything that exists. there are disputes over whether the gods are in a romantic & sexual relationship or a close platonic one but the love is the same either way

i should probably do more artist networking and personal posting on this account but where do i even begin and how do i maintain a good balance of my art to other stuff..... appearances..........

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