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17 / nonbinary / pacific coaster. my name is vincent and this is my art & project blog; please do not reupload my works to other websites regardless of your intent.

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a portrait of my Realm of Serpents character Vesper Vitae, for the fuck of it. i have no god damn clue how i spent an hour and a half just on the neck scales but like. yeah

i timelapsed the process of this piece! the video may be found HERE

drew up some references for Atakita-a, god tantrum baby jesus! you will hear more about them later }:>

sorry for falling off the face of the earth y'all!! i kinda stopped having any ideas to draw, or even the motivation to do it, and recently i started having technological difficulties that are preventing me from doing it now anyway. i've been doing traditional sketches though, but the downside of posting them is i'd have to do so through my phone, which would be very unpleasant, and i don't really want to do that.

on the technological difficulties, my big computer's started bluescreening on a regular basis, so i can't draw anything digitally. it's to the point where i can't do anything; it usually crashes within 30 minutes, and whenever it does it gets caught in a bios boot loop and i have to unplug it and plug it back in to get past the bios. we can't really tell if it's a hardware or a software issue right now, but at the very least there have apparently been some corrupted files. whether it's going to be fully fixed up in the near future is up in the air, but in the meantime, i'm still out here! this just sucks!

i joined a deviantart community about dragons and shit and its great, this is my first time ever doing anything like that so im both afraid AND excited! this is Charadria and she lives on this boat that was a nightmare to draw

alrescha, a minor NPC from an epyllion campaign. just drew 'em cause i felt like it tbh but it came out fuckin GREAT so who cares

completely unrelated drawing to the last few i've been posting, i just wanted to paint a real snarly guy

fuck it king shit

another redraw of a 2015-2016 piece under the cut

i've come a long way!!! i forgot what i said in here on my last redraw piece!!!!!! but its been like 4evr and exactly one (1) day so

heyyy been a while since i made anything nice . anyways consider this a 2020 redraw of this piece from 2015 or 2016 or so (under the cut):

notes: original was drawn in gimp lol + there are like 2 other drawings that look almost exactly like this too (dragon on orb facing left) that i also intend to redraw

sorry for being gone so long and not having anything to show for it but i have. These

decided to draw the protagonist of a story i've been considering for a while. depending on if i actually get it finished or not, those interested might be able to play it in the form of a text-based adventure

artfight attack for TiniStarVicti of Diamera! i had a lot of fun working on this piece, and im super proud of it!!

sketch of some character interaction, i'm really enjoying the new dynamic these two have after reworking them both a little - agnem has yet to receive a new name though

Yat Vantir, or Vantirya for short. they're a wandering plague-eating glider and a redesigned version of an incredibly old OC, who honestly deserves more of my love than they've gotten

hey guys! artfight is on the horizon this year, starting in about 10 days, & i'm really excited to be participating! here is my url, please feel free to drop your own in the notes on this post if you want me to have a look at your characters

as a note, i've gone for early bird team assignment this year: i'm going to be on team spice for those interested in possibly attacking who might wanna do a revenge chain 👀

This drink! Another! Another gift!! Gift for @vincebirds of their character Izaak's derg form! c: Your art is absolutely beautiful and your paintery style is so nice to look at so here have a thing cx
Trying a lil animation thing I've done before but last time it was much bigger and had no markings. So I tried something smaller with markings, albeit simple markings.

Time: 2-ish hours
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad) + Photopea (browser)
Character: Izaak

Music Vibe: Mouth Sweet by Rabbit Rabbit (album)
a chill mix w/ screaming (PURgE, if ur sensitive to that stuff)

vincebirds -

oh my god????? he's SO good, thank you so much :0!!!!!